PACES – ICC COPPA Compliance


Playing ACES CHESS and the Internet Chess Club (ICC) want your K-12 student to have a safe online chess education and playing experience.  Please become familiar with how Playing ACES CHESS and ICC are tackling COPPA to assure your K-12 student’s online safety!

COPPA is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule designed by the United States Federal Trade Commission to assure the online safety and protection of child under 13 years old.  The protection of  all K-12 youth is important to ICC and Playing ACES CHESS; therefore, unlike other sights that force you to have one account if you are K-12 student who is under 13 and another if they are 13 years old or older, ICC allows your K-12 student to have a seamless transition form elementary School – early middle school into late middle school and high school after they are 13 by FCC standards.  Meaning, once your K-12 student has an ICC account they will be able to keep that same account for the life of its registration provided membership fees are paid after this initial extended Free (trial) period. 

As the Parent / Guardian registering your K-12 youth to use the ICC platform via this special arrangement between ICC and Playing ACES CHESS are in 100% control of when you will allow your K-12 student to accept responsibility for administration of their own account.  

Notice that the ICC Username is permanent and is linked to the email address that you as the responsible parent / guardian has assigned to it.  Therefore, when creating a safe and secure Username be sure it DOES NOT reveal your K-12 student’s Real Name.   Below are examples only of appropriate USERNAMES you and your K-12 student might create together.  Use your imagination!

FluffyBunny                   KidRook                       PieinSky                     KnightRider             CamoBear               etc.

FluffyBunny01               KidRook10                  PieinFace                  BraveBuffalo            Candyland03          etc.

Moonbeam03                SunshineCloud            ReadySetGo              WindinHair             WintersTime           etc.

Queenbeeee                   LuckyDuck                   CrazyCarma             BoardMouse            TimelessTree          etc.

Notice that the use of vulgar, sexually explicit/suggestive, or otherwise offensive Usernames will NOT be t0lerated and will result in the immediate termination of this account and place the user’s email associated with this individual account on a 5-year user ban!  ICC and Playing ACES CHESS take very seriously your K-12 student’s safety and will NOT tolerate the use of such inappropriate Usernames!

Remember the account is your child’s, but you are the custodian/administrator until you turn over that responsibility over to your K-12 student perhaps in middle or high school for them to manage on their own when you see fit.  If you are creating an individual account you will be asked to Edit Account Information.  Put ONLY your name as the responsible parent or guardian registering this account for your K-12 student’s use, specifically if they are in grades K-7 or 8th grade and not yet 13 years only.   Also, be sure it is your email address so tat you are able to see any and all ICC notifications about this account.

Also, you will have the opportunity to upload a picture or graphic to go with this account.  While you are under NO OBLIGATION to upload any picture or graphic to be affiliated with this account, you may decide to do so.  But, NEVER upload an actual picture of your child.  Instead, use an avatar, a picture / graphic, like a scenery or cartoonish picture that you and your K-12 student like.

Keep in mind your child will want to tell their friends to find them on the ICC platform to play a game online; therefore, the name and avatar you and your child choose are important.

Contact, Playing ACES CHESS (, if you have questions before continuing with individual account registration.

Also, you may want to discuss the benefits your school, if they are within the Playing ACES CHESS core or extend service area, of working with Playing ACES CHESS to obtain FREE Bulk User Accounts for the K-12 student in you established or emerging chess club program.

Return to the Playing ACES CHESS pre-registration survey in order to receive your PROMO code to get your FREE 6-Month ICC Account.