Student Chess Leadership Council (SCLC)

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Purpose: To help Middle School and High School students who play chess that want to see more chess activities, especially rated events, in our community self-organize as young leaders in order to help advocate for:

  1. Opportunities for more girls learning to play chess (estimate only 7 – 12% of all players are female)
  2. Opportunities for more underserved students to learn and play chess
  3. Opportunities for more cultural exchanges of chess. For K-12 students that know other chess forms to demonstrate how these are played differently from current Modern Chess. (e.g. Korean Chess – Janggi –
  4. Development of a Weekly Community K-12 Chess League
  5. Scheduling more community and school-based chess programs to help develop new players
  6. Scheduling more school v school match events to spur friendly competition on a bi-weekly basis
  7. Scheduling more rated and unrated chess tournament events with a minimal goal of at least two (1 rated & 1 unrated) events / month

School-based Club Leaders: Every Middle School (6th -8th grade) or High School (9th – 12th grade) regardless if they are a public, private, alternative or home school entity will have a SCLC seat. School Administrators and PTO Presidents are encouraged to select an interested student to serve as the school’s SCLC representative [See Selection Survey].

[Note: The following guides will be available soon for download. Check back!]
  • SCLC Leadership Guide (Youth Guide)
  • SCLC Representative Selection Guide (School Administrators / PTO Presidents)

Scheduled Playing ACES CHESS Student Chess Leaders Council (PACES SCLC) meetings for 2016 and 2017 are scheduled quarterly.

See program calendar for meeting dates, times and locations.