PACES – ICC Accounts Registration

Want to use a chess platform that has it all for the K-12 Chess Player?

  • Engaged Chess Learning Center

  • Individual Challenge Play

  • Team Challenge Play

  • Tournament Play Types –

    • Blitz

    • Rapid

    • Standard

    • Correspondence

  • An more features being developed

What kind of FREE Trial Membership do you want?

How is Playing ACES CHESS doing this?

Playing ACES CHESS is the Internet Chess Club (ICC) East Coast Beta partner to test and evaluate its K-12 chess education, challenge play and team play platform, just like Orange County California Schools are for the West Coast.  This is an exclusive FREE offer for  the K-12 students in the Playing ACES CHESS key service outreach area (PACES KSOA), with the idea of helping to create a community-based chess culture for all K-12 students.  

This pilot program is open to all K-12 students (public, private or home school) within the Playing ACES CHESS KSOA.   When a parent/guardian inside the KOSA chooses to register as an individual or schools request the simpler to manage and more cost effective Bulk Registration each student will receive a FREE ICC Trail account.  

  • Inside the PACES KOSA – eligible for either (Individual 3 month account) or (Bulk 6 month accounts)
    • Primary ZONE: Albemarle County or Charlottesville City 
    • Secondary ZONE: Buckingham County, Fluvanna County, Greene County, Louisa County, Madison County, Nelson County, Orange County
  • Outside the PACES KOSA – Parents / Guardians outside but in the rest of Virginia will ONLY be able to sign-up for a FREE 3 month account.