Orange County Chess Event

Western Albemarle HS Girls Come to Compete at Chess

The K-12 chess season has begun with this 1st event of the 2016/2017 SY.  Orange County HS was the venue on Saturday, 17 Sep., 2016 for this 1st event. Planning for this event began in August before school started.  Thanks go to Mike and his supporters for continuing to advocate for K-12 chess and for putting on such a great event.    Mike Cornell (pictured below giving last minute instructions to the Elementary School Section players) sponsored and managed this event at the Orange County HS gym.

Orange County Chess Event

Elementary School Section” – Schools participating:
Tournament Director Mike

  • Lightfoot ES (2 rated)
  • Home Schooled Group (ES) (2 unrated)
  • Selden’s Landing ES (1 rated)
  • Gordon-Barbour ES (1 rated / 1 unrated)
  • Culpeper Catholic (1 unrated)
  • Orange ES (2 rated)

Click here to understand why the sooner kids start playing the better in terms of rating advancement.

Middle School Section” – Schools Participating:

Middle School Event

  • Ni River MS
  • Home School Group MS
  • Locust Grove MS
  • Prospect Heights MS

These kids play fearlessly!


High School Section” – Schools Participating:

High Schoolers

  • Monticello HS (2 rated)
  • Western Albemarle HS (2 rated, 1 unrated)
  • Fork Union Military Academy (2 rated, 2 unrated)
  • Orange County HS (ROTC) (1 rated)
  • Culpepper Chess Club (1 rated)
  • Riverbend HS (1 rated)

Several of these players are Class C and approach Class B status.  See rating system to learn more.




Results – Virginia Peng from Western Albemarle HS took 1st place overall for HS Section and helped lead WAHS to a tie with Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA). Each School got a trophy for their school trophy case.