3rd Annual Keswick K-12 Open a success

IMG_20160130_112314300_HDR[2]A mild winters day near Charlottesville, Va. began around 9:00 am on 30 Jan. 2016 when some 24 eager K-12 students from Albemarle, Orange and Culpeper counties came together to participate in the 3rd Annual Keswick K-12 Chess Open at the beautiful and historic Keswick Hall.  Much thanks goes to Kelsey Mayo at Keswick and her staff for again helping to make this a great event.

We want to thank Mr. Barry Keith, also a MHS Foregin Language (French) teacher, who is our resident USCF Certified Tournament Director.   John Texiteria and David Brooks from the Charlottesville City Chess Club also helped with game analysis and coaching between rounds.   Finally, 9 students from UVA volunteered in 2 hrs shifts to support everything from check in of participants to clean up when the event was completed.

Individual honors are as follows:

Rated Section (Rook Group)– High School (9-12)
1st.   – Virginia Peng (4.5/5.0), (8th Grade) Henley Middle School ***
2nd. – Sophie Peng (4.0/5.0), (10th Grade) Western Albemarle High School ***
3rd. – Aaron Osborne (2.5/5.0), (8th Grade) Walton Middle School
           *** Sisters

Unrated Section (Rook Group) – High School (9-12)
1st. – Zack Wojick (5.0/5.0), (10th Grade) Monticello High School
2nd. – Jiles Burnham (4.0/5.0), (7th Grade) Home School
3rd. – Kaily Karstetter (3.0/5.0), (10th Grade) Culpeper High School

Unrated Section (Knight Group) – Middle School (6-8)
1st.   – Caleb Burnham (4.0/5.0), (5th Grade) Home School
2nd. – Orion Whelchel (3.0/5.0), (8th Grade) Burley Middle School ***
3rd. – Tanner Hogsten (3.0/5.0), (5th Grade) Home School ***
           *** Tie breaker goes to head-to-head match result

Unrated Section (Bishop Group) – Elementary School (3-5)
1st.   – Vincent Jones (5.0/5.0), (3rd Grade) Peabody School (Private)
2nd. – Nathaniel McKee (4.0/5.0), (4th Grade) Clark Elementary School
3rd. – Benton House (3.0/5.0), (4th Grade) Clark Elementary School
3rd. – Ava Paul (3.0/5.0), (4th Grade) Baker-Butler Elementary School

You can also click on Executive Summary Report (Keswick Hall 2016)-Post to review this report.

Also, discussions began between Charity Karstetter, Culpeper Chess Club, and Katherine Hogsten, Orange County Chess at the event.  Culpeper, Orange and Albemarle are beginning to plan a match event in late April or early May 2016 to take place at either Monticello HS or the Orange County Regional Airport.  More to come.

If you want to improve your game the Internet Chess Club (ICC) now an excellent emerging learning center.    Also, don’t forget the 1st Annual Presidents K-12 Open at the Home of President James Monroe (Ash Lawn – Highland) on Saturday, 13 Feb., 2016.  Click here for registration.


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