Quarterback King – Football meets Chess

Fundraising sponsor spot. Spot closes 30 Sept 2016.

There are many inventive minds in the world today!  So, it makes sense that people who like both football and chess would also enjoy the game Quarterback King invented by Cort Hubbard of Columbia, Illinois.  Cort has generously consigned several of his games to Playing ACES CHESS to be used as a fundraising opportunity.  As a matter of fact learn how UVA Football players contributed recently to K-12 chess program development by reviewing this Richmond Times article from Spring 2016.

Fundraising price for these games is $50.  Money will go to support scholarships for area students to participate in upcoming K-12 Rated chess events conducted by Playing ACES CHESS.  Profits from your purchase will support 2 event participation scholarships for K-12 students.

If you want to reserve your copy you can use the donate button and in the comments section when donating be sure to indicate