Kids at Cale ES having a Blast with Chess

Student at Cale Elementary School finished off their Introduction to Chess Chess lessons began 2 weeks ago for 16 intrepid students at Cale ES.  Playing ACES CHESS is working with school administration to have an ES ONLY K-5 chess event.  Mr. Nate provided them his Chess Tips Plan and introduced them to safe online resources like the Internet Chess Club (ICC) and its Learning Center.  In the center they were able to do various drills and exercises to help improve their chess skills.

They also learned two valuable sayings:

If you see a good move, look a little longer to find a better move.

Meaning you always have a better option if you really look for it.

Emanuel Lasker, Grandmaster, 2nd World Chess Champion, (Modern era)

Every Grandmaster was once a beginner.

Meaning you gotta start somewhere and get the basics in order to eventually become the best!

Irvin Chernev, Russian-American Master

Speaking of ICC look out for some exciting news to be released by 02 Dec 2016 about a special arrangement Playing ACES CHESS has developed with ICC.

The Kids (5th Grade) The Kids (4th Grade) The Kids (3rd Grade)
img_1336 img_1337 img_1338
5th Graders thinking deep! 4th Graders very intense! 3rd Graders taking is seriously!

These Cal ES students are issuing a challenge to all area K-5 students to come play them in a 5-7 round G15 (30 minutes/round) event to be held at Cale ES  some time in April 2017.   Check the events calendar in January 2017 to register for this tournament event.

A cross grade chess event was held with the following results among the 16 club members.

cale1st cale2nd cale3rd

Cale students will be doing more chess in the spring.   Playing ACES CHESS appreciates the opportunity to introduce the basics of chess to these eager students.   We hope to partner in the Spring 2017 to have Cale ES host a K-12 or a K-5 only chess event.  Stay tuned and begin looking to register for a spring event in January 2017.